Finally I passed JLPT N2

After 7 yrs and on my 10th attempt I finally passed N2. It’s like a dream come true, when you finally reach your destination. The journey was full of challenge but it made the person I am today and it was worth it.

I started this journey with nothing in mind no mentor no guide just belief that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I took a big risk quitting my job back in Dec 2010 just to study Japanese aged 25 and now at 32 I can say I’m glad I did it. Reflecting on the year 2011 where I was trying to rush myself to learn but I couldn’t grasp much. But those hours which I spent back then formed a firm base on which I managed to continuously improve Japanese.

Proud moment for me as I could achieve my target after years of hard work. N2 certified now 😎🏅 hurray.


Learning Java

Yes back to IT study mode and for good now. Java is the most practical language I should be learning now without any more distractions, I have been so distracted till date. 

Yet to identify the resources but there are plenty online for sure. Just need to be focused and make a sincere effort now, without stepping back. Will look into Coursera for the same.

Java … I’m here I come.

Inside Job Documentary

Watching this documentary on my way back to Mumbai sitting on the last seat of state transport bus, jumping up at every bump on the road.

Money stimulates the same part of the brain like drugs do. No wonder it drives people crazy, I too have been following my stock and funds everyday religiously. The fact that the markets have been on an upswing make it more of a pleasurable experience, but seen the worst side as well when my investments lost close to have their value when I first begun investing in Jan 2008.

The bankers hold high government position and have a strong lobby which help them push for their own demands without any thought on how things would pan out and how it would affect society. Momentary profit sickness by these bankers lead to destruction of several families and the fact that very few are held accountable is really scary. Few people earn ridiculous amount of money while majority of the world is in poverty creates such an imbalance in society that needs to be addressed.

The ride was too bumpy so had to give up watching the documentary for the moment, will try to finish it though I usually have the bad habit of keeping things pending for long.

We will leave this world with nothing, our karma decides our fate and as they say Karma is a b***h what goes around comes around.

Started blogging again

A new year, a new blog, a new innings in my life soon. 2017 was awesome personally, met my to be wife, got engaged, travelled to Japan for the first time were a few of the highlights of the year.

2018,a year I am looking forward to. Getting married in Feb, wow I’m getting married. Few things on my mind, getting my professional career on track is one of them. Regular study of Thai language as I have not been focused enough last year. Moving to Japan and working in Japan is a target as well. With my lady luck on my side I’m positive things will work out.

Being a better version of me is the target. 2018 here I come.

Learning Burmese

Wow, Its been sometime since I started learning a new language and Burmese it is. I have started watching the alphabet videos on youtube from today and the alphabets are pretty cool and I see some potential in this language from a career point of view as well.

I have also been studying some Italian regularly on Duolingo so I hope to continue the good work in that. 

Going to Shanghai

My first foreign trip, going on a business trip and its Shanghai. Unbelievable where I was one year back not sure what I was going to do with my Japanese study as I was sure I wasn’t going to pass JLPT N2 back then. And one year down the line I’m already into my second job in Japanese and all set to travel abroad.

One thing I learnt is that you have to back yourself, believe in your dream. Back to the trip excited and scared about the food I’m going eat everyday, I don’t want to eat subway all day, hopefully I can find some good stuff there.

Mumbai to Shanghai here I come.