Learning Burmese

Wow, Its been sometime since I started learning a new language and Burmese it is. I have started watching the alphabet videos on youtube from today and the alphabets are pretty cool and I see some potential in this language from a career point of view as well.

I have also been studying some Italian regularly on Duolingo so I hope to continue the good work in that. 

Going to Shanghai

My first foreign trip, going on a business trip and its Shanghai. Unbelievable where I was one year back not sure what I was going to do with my Japanese study as I was sure I wasn’t going to pass JLPT N2 back then. And one year down the line I’m already into my second job in Japanese and all set to travel abroad.

One thing I learnt is that you have to back yourself, believe in your dream. Back to the trip excited and scared about the food I’m going eat everyday, I don’t want to eat subway all day, hopefully I can find some good stuff there.

Mumbai to Shanghai here I come.


As usual not sure I will pass this time as well, or maybe if the Japanese gods are willing. The listening part was tough so was the comprehension. So I start to focus on Kanji, vocabulary, reading articles and exposing myself to as much interesting Japanese media that I can.

I have to seriously start working on my Chinese now, things are beginning to get stagnant for a while now. I cant get rusty with my Japanese well since I don’t use it at work. I have found some good learn Chinese videos in Japanese, so might just work with them and some other resources.